What PR Means to Me

What does Public Relations mean to me?

Public Relations is  a strategic communication process between a company/organization and the public. When I think of Public Relations all different phrases come to my mind: brand, image, reputation, communication, strategic, internal/external PR, crisis, publicity, management, and campaigns. What I love about PR is that you can go into anything your passionate about. My passion is healthcare, therefore I would love to go into healthcare Pr.

What is the difference between marketing, advertising, PR, and journalism? Are there any differences? How can they all work together?

When I switched my major to public relations, I didn’t quiet have an understanding of the differences to all these categories. I thought they all were pretty much the same but it turns out that they are different. In class, we discussed how they all work so closely together. Marketing is selling a product and PR is the promotion of a product. Marketing is a piece of public relations. As PR professionals we hold up ethics for an organization and work with advertisers and marketing department. Communication is essential with all departments because like I mentioned earlier we work closely together. Advertising is running an ad and PR deals with the press releases a new product. Advertisement is in charge of what goes in the ad while PR has no control over that. Lastly, journalists work the PR professional to write there story. Journalists have to gather information to raise awareness to the public. While PR team is not only to raise awareness to the public but to change the publics attitudes towards a specific matter to better the organization.

As a believer, how can you leverage public relations in your future professional goals?

As a Muslim, honesty is the key to my professional goals. I will always remember the two important things in the professional world, which are ethics and professionalism. If there is honesty and professionalism then all my professional goals will fall into place. There might be times where information is incorrect and misinterpreted, but my job as a believer is to follow the ethics and do what’s right for the public.

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