Super Bowl Commercials

I think that the Super Bowl is the only time that I don’t watch the actual program, but I do watch the commercials. Super Bowl Commercials are notorious for being some of the best commercials that a company releases in the year. And this year, the commercials did not disappoint.

One commercial that did not impress me was Budweiser’s “Simply Put.”  This commercial featured Helen Mirren at a restaurant. She was sitting with a plate of food and a beer while talking about the topic of drunk driving. Helen said that if you drive while drunk you are, “a short sighted, utterly useless, oxygen wasting, human form of pollution.” After she says this and more eccentric statements, she thanks those who do not drive drunk and takes a sip of her beer. I believe that Budweiser missed their target audience and failed to sell their product. Drunk driving is a highly sensitive topic that I believe should not be humored. It is true that people are being selfish when they drink and drive, however, I think Budweiser went about this poorly. Instead of a chilling advertisement, showing the dangers of drunk driving, they portrayed it as a laughing matter. I believe that today’s culture needs to be aware of the serious consequences that comes from drunk driving.

My absolute favorite commercial this year was by T-Mobile entitled,“Drop the Balls.” This commercial featured Steve Harvey, who recently announced the wrong Miss Universe winner, sending the world into an uproar.  The advertisement illustrated that Verizon was the leading cell phone carrier for LTE coverage, however they were basing this off of last years results. So, Steve Harvey interrupted and said that there has been a mistake. Steve Harvey set the record straight that T-Mobile has doubled their LTE coverage in the last year, and was so thrilled to put the blame on Verizon instead of himself for the misinformation. I believe that T-Mobile really sold their product by showing that they have double their LTE coverage, as well as they appealed to their audiences’ sense of humor by playing with the Miss Universe scandal. (I know I laughed). Today’s society is sold on this commercial because cell phone coverage is very important because our culture values fastinformation.


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