PRSSA Business Card Meeting

12662600_10204271106538327_947720738110690060_n.jpgThis past Tuesday, PRSSA gathered for a business card workshop. Students were able to learn different techniques and professional formats in hopes of creating the perfect business card. Professor and advisor Elizabeth Kerns was able to demonstrate to the students many examples of different business cards. Not only were examples of business cards shown, but Prof. Kerns was able to give insight on all of the important factors that go into having a presentable business card. Important factors included adding major, involvement and contact information on the business card.

Insight was also given to students as to why business cards are so important, especially at the period most students are at right now. When a student is able to have that business card at hand, others can see that this student strives for potential and professionalism. It creates opportunity for networking and being able to get the students name out.

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