PR and Elephants


This week during our PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America), we had the privilege of hosting globally renowned author, Erik Qualman, via Skype.

Erik is the author of the book Socialnomics, was ranked number two most read author (just behind JK Rowling) in 2012, and has produced several videos on YouTube earning him a place on several platforms.

Well, anyways.. This week he conferenced in and spoke to us for the better part of an hour, answering and asking all sorts of questions.

I must admit. This week has been rough. In fact, these last few weeks have been rough. I found it difficult to focus in on the great resource broadcasting in front of me.

But then he said something that made me stop, look up, and think..

Find your passion, and then carve out 30 solid minutes every single day and dedicate all of that time to follow that passion.


We hear a lot in college to follow and pursue what we want, but we are seldom told so specifically to set specific time aside for it.

Too often we are so bogged down with school work that any chance or hope we have at following those dreams seems but a moot point.

That’s where I was at.

As a passionate individual, everything from my career to elephants gets me going, and lately, I’ve been feeling NOTHING.

You see, I’ve had all sorts of dreams in my life; had many a passion to keep my mind focused and occupied. But more so recently, I’ve been losing sight of those and losing touch because I am so preoccupied by trying to maintain good grades, pay rent, fixing my car..

I’ve lost my passion, and the dreams and goals I used to have seem too far off.

But then I heard those words, and I began to feel that spark again. I began to rekindle that flame that burned so deep within me, the one that made me feel like I could accomplish anything, go anywhere, or be anyone I wanted to be..

It reminded me that I was called to go deeper.

.. To go in to the waves.

You want to know what my passion is?

Serving the Lord.

You want to know how I plan on serving Him?

By making THIS my mission field.

I’m not talking about this blog or even my life as a Public Relations student, I’m talking about everything in my life that I have in this exact moment.

I lost sight of my passion because my passion was to serve the Lord and be missional to the rest of the world. I felt that passion die out when I realized I wouldn’t be able to go and be missional to the rest of the world because I am stuck here, as a student, making zero dollars, and just trying to earn a degree.

What I didn’t realize, was that God had a different plan for me.

THIS is my mission field. Being an older student among young kids. Studying PR. Learning skills. Meeting professors. Networking with professionals.

THAT is my passion. THAT is my mission. THAT is where I’ve been called.

When I think about what got me here, what led me in to this brand new major, it doesn’t make sense as to why I chose it in the first place. But, when I look at it now and see where I am, I understand better why I was placed here. Everything that wasn’t falling together before has now come together perfectly.

I am a founding member of Olivet’s PRSSA, the Vice President of said board, and a founding executive of Inspired Strategies Agency, ONU’s very own student run PR agency.

When I think about what Erik said about finding your passion, I have to realize that it wasn’t that I ever lost my passion, it was that God was merely redefining what it meant and looked like.

Of course, with PR being my focus of study AND my passion, I have to spend more than 30 minutes a day on it..

But then again.. I did just spend 30 carefree minutes writing about it. So maybe the passion has been there longer than I expected. 🙂


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