LinkedIn Workshop


12472813_965391413543396_6577252417996910477_n.jpgPRSSA held a LinkedIn Workshop for both its members and interested on Tuesday, February 22. The club president, Rachel Schramm, led the workshop and tutorial focusing on both the good and bad characteristics of a LinkedIn profile. Schramm used her own LinkedIn account as an example for the audience’s benefit, allowing them to follow along while she explained the characteristics of a profile. Other examples of successful LinkedIn accounts were displayed throughout the workshop.

There were numerous tips and instructions given during the workshop, but there were three re-occurring themes throughout the meeting. Schramm continually emphasized that people utilize the skills and recommendations section of the LinkedIn account to increase interaction with other professionals. She also touched on how showing what you have done in the past through the experiences, projects and including multimedia in these sections can set your profile apart from others. The idea that a LinkedIn account is both an online resume and portfolio was also referenced multiple times in the workshop and was one of the concluding points.

PRSSA holds meetings every Tuesday in Weber Center, Room 306, starting at 6 p.m. (CST). Meetings in the past have included numerous activities such as a resume workshop and guest speakers. Tuesday, March 2, PRSSA will host guest speaker Brian Basilico. Basilico is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer as well as published author with his popular book, “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon.” Any student is welcome to join and learn about the relationship marketing in a social media world.

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