5 Ways to Organize a PR Lifestyle

By: Rachel Schramm



We all know what it’s like: feeling like we have five million things to do, running from meeting to meeting, having assignment after assignment and that’s just the beginning. Being a public relations major or professional can be hectic, overwhelming and have every day be a little different than the last. Here are five key ways to help begin to organize your chaotic lifestyle to make all the things you  love to do…a bit more manageable.

  1. Get an Agenda…and Use It!

The first and best way to get your life together is to start using an agenda. A handwritten one has worked best from my experience, but you have to COMMIT. Write down everything you have going on from an assignment to a meeting to an event, nothing should be left out. An effective way to keep the many things you write down is to color code. I have found this task to be overwhelming itself at times, so I have narrowed down my agenda to three colors:black, red and blue. These three color pens I always have on me. Black represents events, red represents assignments and tests and blue represents meetings.

  1. Write Out Your Goals

If you’re a PR person, I can state with almost 100 percent certainty that you have multiple goals. It takes more than just establishing your goals in your head though; you need a visual representation of them. There are three categories of goals I write out: over-all, weekly and daily goals. Tape up your over-all goals somewhere you will see them every day. Write out your weekly goals in the notes section of your agenda. Also write out your daily goals the night before…which leads us to our next topic.

  1. Prepare a Day Ahead of Time

As mentioned before, our lives can be a little chaotic and overwhelming. A great way to help subdue this feeling is to prepare your goals, backpack/workbag, outfit, lunch or whatever you need for the next day the night before. This will lead to you waking up feeling prepared and ready to take on your busy day.

  1. Always Write Something Down Right Away

We PR people can have a million thoughts a minute, and some can get lost in translation. Or maybe you schedule a meeting but don’t write it down right away or double-book or even just forget. I promise it will make your life 10 times easier if you write down your events and thoughts right then and there.

  1. Always Have a Pen, Notepad, Charger and Snack (or Gum) on You

For all these things you are going to start doing, it’s only logical you will need all these things to keep yourself sane or write down your many thoughts as mentioned in step four. Carry each of these items with you at all times…you’ll thank me later.

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