Aubrey Abbott

During our PRSSA weekly meeting, we had a guest speaker Skype in who is an alumni of IMG_0697.JPGour adviser, Professor Liz Kerns, from Central Washington University.  She was president of Central’s PRSSA chapter, Account Executive with Central Communication Agency and in various other leadership roles at Central Washington University. After graduation, her career in the Public Relations world really took off. Her current job is the Social Media Manager and Marketing Representative for the Northwest Region Laborers Employers Cooperation and Education Team. She was also involved on the Bateman team in Washington State and applied to be part of the National PRSA board. By her senior year, she was President of her PRSSA Chapter.

She was able to share with us what life looks like after graduation for PR majors. She really stressed the importance of participating in your school’s PRSSA club and student-run agency in addition to recommending that students should really take advantage of various opportunities. She also shared how she was able to participate in many different things throughout her college career. She stressed the phrase, “don’t bite off more than you can chew” because if you only have one or two things to say about each group you are a part of you’re too involved.

Overall, she had a lot of great advice to offer the students of the Olivet PRSSA club and was very helpful with what our future careers could look like.

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