PR Perspective

I recently changed my major from Nursing with a minor in History to Public Relations (PR). I have had a fantastic time learning and gaining so much knowledge in  communications and writing. It has been a fun and exciting change and I am glad to be part of a fantastic group of people.

I have learned a lot about this career choice and the different sections of Public Relations that I can choose from. Within the past two months, I have seen how successful  Olivet’s program has been; from the PRSSA club, on-campus Agency, and the PR classes offered.

IMG_2378Everyone is motivated to gain knowledge and success and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of something that is both challenging and exciting at the same time. I knew that jumping into PR in the middle of the semester was going to be a bit hard, but I’ve learned and looked up to many of the students in my classes. I’ve seen excellent communication skills and fantastic leadership roles. I learn something new every time we have guest speakers and I learn more about what I can pursue within a career in PR.

As a freshman, I feel confident about the PR program as well as the PRSSA club. I’ve learned many critical points of PR and overall how I can succeed in it. The best part is that you are always motivated and dedicated to achieving and making more critical choices as you grow from the knowledge that you simultaneously acquire.

Overall, I see myself learning more about PR and the many opportunities it can bring.

~Neiry Alvarado, Freshman PR Student

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