2019 Leadership Rally Reflection

Our Olivet PRSSA Chapter President, Haley Foster, was able to attend the Leadership Rally hosted by PRSSA National in Scottsdale, Arizona from May 31-June 2. This mini-conference is for all PRSSA nationally-affiliated chapter presidents each year. Here is a post she wrote regarding her experience.

Rejuvenating. That’s the word I think of when I think of the 2019 PRSSA Leadership Rally. In the span of two days, our National Committee managed to ignite a flame so strong in me that I’m ready to tackle the 2019-2020 Olivet Nazarene University PRSSA Chapter’s initiatives head-on, right now. Screenshot_20190623-132052_Instagram

Heading into that weekend, I was nervous. I felt out of my element with no one there that I knew, and the introvert in me was coming out. I had fully accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to make tons of friends or really talk to anyone for that matter. But the second I got there, a switch flipped. I met the most incredible, hard-working, committed and passionate young professionals. I was surrounded by people who share one of my biggest passions — PRSSA. Why would I NOT strike up a conversation with these people?

That’s something I love not only about PRSSA, but the communication field in general. There is such a diversity of people and personalities that anyone can find their place amongst them almost immediately. In one sitting, I met people from Texas, Florida, California, Hawaii and Ohio. The curiosity and openness from each person I met is what kept me engaged in conversation. The constant desire to learn from each others’ experiences was evident, and each of us wanted to improve not only our individual chapters, but ourselves as well.

When you’re placed into the lead role for a student organization or even when you make the jump into your first “real world” job after college, it’s normal to question where to start and the exact steps to take to accomplish your goals. This is exactly how I felt going into the Rally honestly. However, my experience there became one I’ll never forget because of the drive and determination it gave me for this upcoming year to further our chapter at Olivet.

The Leadership Rally sparked a variety of ideas and handed me the tools and methods to achieve our chapter initiatives. It taught me how to handle conflict, aid the development of rising leaders and organize and implement ideas. Most of all, the 2019 PRSSA Leadership Rally instilled a gratitude in me for being elected as the president of such a fantastic, spunky, fun-loving, professional development organization.

Until next time,

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