2019 PBL National Leadership Conference Reflection

Our 2019-2020 Olivet PRSSA Vice President, Derek Schaffner, attended and competed at the Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas held June 24-27. Read his reflection from this incredible experience here. Good afternoon PRSSA members and friends! Last week, eight other Olivet students and I had the fantastic opportunity to attend … Continue reading 2019 PBL National Leadership Conference Reflection

2019 Leadership Rally Reflection

Our Olivet PRSSA Chapter President, Haley Foster, was able to attend the Leadership Rally hosted by PRSSA National in Scottsdale, Arizona from May 31-June 2. This mini-conference is for all PRSSA nationally-affiliated chapter presidents each year. Here is a post she wrote regarding her experience. Rejuvenating. That’s the word I think of when I think … Continue reading 2019 Leadership Rally Reflection

AP Style in GIFs

Don’t get me wrong, I love my major (public relations). I love the department I’m in (communications). And I love the people I’m surrounded by each day (fellow extroverts). But one thing that has been tricky for me since I began my communications courses is the oh-so-wonderful AP Style. (This is what it makes me … Continue reading AP Style in GIFs

PRSSA is More

PRSSA's mission is: to provide exceptional service to our members by enhancing their education, broadening their professional network and helping launch their careers after graduation. The entire reason I joined PRSSA was to have another attractive point on my resume. I wasn't expecting anything else from it; that is until last Tuesday, at our Chapter's … Continue reading PRSSA is More

“What the Finance?”

Guest blog post by Elijah Svoboda, Chaplain & Ethics Officer. Follow his blog at For some of us, numbers are easy. They make sense. One follows the other, and when certain rules are applied, certain things happen and everything just seems to flow. For others, numbers are akin to rumble strips (the divots on the sides of … Continue reading “What the Finance?”

PRSSA Pulls of a Successful Fundraiser

Who doesn’t love a good garage sale? There are so many random knick-knacks to buy that will probably be lost in my room within a week, but that’s the fun of it! Our PRSSA chapter held a garage sale last weekend, September 27-28, to raise funds for our chapter’s professional development – more specifically to … Continue reading PRSSA Pulls of a Successful Fundraiser

Ethics Workshop (Fall ’17)

Tuesday, September 27, 2017 we had a PR Ethics Workshop. What Did We Learn? In today’s world, there is so much controversy, negativity, and backlash. With that being said, Public Relations is essential for organizations to stay afloat from all of this. But how do PR people remain ethical within such a controversial and quick-tongued society? We … Continue reading Ethics Workshop (Fall ’17)