Member Monday-Anna Richards

Major(s): Public Relations and Strategic Communication and Multimedia Communication Minor(s): Spanish Graduation Year: May 2020 Dream Job: Working for a nonprofit organization such as Samaritan's Purse, Compassion International, Amazima, World Vision, etc. Favorite Part of PRSSA: The people! I can come into a meeting with the ability to ask any of them for advice or tips. The … Continue reading Member Monday-Anna Richards

Member Monday-Hayden Keifer

Major(s): Public Relations and Strategic Communication  Minor(s): Business Graduation Year: May 2018 Dream Job: Tourism PR in Grand Rapids, Michigan Favorite Part of PRSSA:  All of the opportunities to grow as a young professional and being able to have a group of friends who challenged me to always do my best. Favorite Hobby: Camping and … Continue reading Member Monday-Hayden Keifer

Member Monday-Nicole Pilbeam

Major(s): Public Relations and Strategic Communication Minor(s): Business, Mass Communication and Professional Writing Graduation Year: May 2019 Dream Job: To utilize public relations to stop the stigma behind mental health Favorite Part of PRSSA: Learning professional development skills and building relationships Favorite Hobby: Bow and arrow shooting

Four Tips for Creating the Best Social Media for Your Brand

  By: Nicole Pilbeam   What is the goal? What are you trying to achieve from your social media accounts? Before you start, that goal needs to be determined. If you are trying to sell a specific product, then you need to create content supporting that product to inform customers why this product is best … Continue reading Four Tips for Creating the Best Social Media for Your Brand


By: Kaleb Miller I recently sat in on a presentation from Matt Kelly, an account director for the major advertising/PR agency Golin based out of Chicago, Illinois. You may not know him from the start, but does #PuppyMonkeyBaby ring a bell? Yep. He was behind that. As ridiculous and catchy as that big time Super Bowl … Continue reading AGENCY ISN’T FOR EVERYONE, BUT IS IT FOR YOU?

PRSSA National Conference 2016

At Tuesday night’s PRSSA meeting, members discussed what they learned from National Conference, on October 21-25 in Indianapolis. At National Conference, people from chapters all over the U.S. come to one chosen location to listen to speakers at different sessions. Professor Kerns took 9 students to Indy for the weekend to learn all about the … Continue reading PRSSA National Conference 2016

Aubrey Abbott

During our PRSSA weekly meeting, we had a guest speaker Skype in who is an alumni of our adviser, Professor Liz Kerns, from Central Washington University.  She was president of Central's PRSSA chapter, Account Executive with Central Communication Agency and in various other leadership roles at Central Washington University. After graduation, her career in the Public … Continue reading Aubrey Abbott